Who We Are


OPL is headed by Philip Loh, who has been providing quality financial planning since 1998. We are constantly investing in research with a global perspective, to seek out the best investment opportunities for our clients.

Office of Philip Loh.


We aim to provide innovative & effective financial solutions and quality services to meet our clients’ needs and goals.


  • To lead you to the day when work’s purely for fun
  • To ensure you are financially secured for any rainy days
  • To walk and plan with you in every phase of your life stages
  • To provide excellent customer service and support with a team approach

Our Team

Office of Philip Loh.

Philip Loh

Rep No.: LCH200084973
Chartered Financial Consultant
Chartered Life Underwriter
B.Acc (Hons)

Philip is a leading financial consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the financial advisory business. His unique approach in financial planning has garnered him considerable success in helping his clients achieve their financial goals and in turn, gained many referrals.
Office of Philip Loh.

Tammie Ng

Rep No.: NBL200092566
Chartered Financial Consultant
B. Comm Studies (Hons)

The immense experience of working with many high net-worth individuals has equipped Tammie with unique insights in wealth management, allowing her to serve her clients with exceptional professionalism. "Investment ensures financial security. There's so much satisfaction when I see my clients financially ahead of their peers."
Office of Philip Loh.

Gan Soon Lee

Rep No.: GSL200085404
Certified Financial Planner
B. Eng (Hons)

Soon Lee made the life changing decision more than 20 years ago to join Great Eastern Life. Since then, he has assisted over 500 clients in making informed financial decisions. Today, he is happy to call many of his clients "friends" and look forward to continue to serve them with dedication and passion.
Office of Philip Loh.

Wu Juan

Rep No.: WJX300138593
Associate Specialist in Estate Planning
Chartered Financial Consultant
B. Acc (Hons)

Wu Juan has a strong background in finance & customer service. She takes a personable yet professional approach in her work, helping hundreds of families to build their financial dreams. In her free time, she enjoys travelling, scuba diving & trekking.
Office of Philip Loh.

Garry Wong

Rep No.: WSL300281571
Chartered Financial Consultant
BSc. Applied Mathematics

After a career switch in 2014, Garry rose swiftly and currently assists more than 500 clients with their wealth accumulation & risk management. He is driven by the passion to grow your wealth with you, for you, by you.
Office of Philip Loh.

Owen Tan

Rep No.: TWO30152302

Owen has over 10 years of experience managing the protection and accumulation portfolios of over 500 customers. Clients working with him value his customer centric and professional approach which are hallmarks of his practice.
Office of Philip Loh.

Catherine Tan

Rep No.: TLP200081845

Catherine has over 25 years of experience in the industry and has served many high-net worth Indonesian clients. Her passion and dedication in delivering quality service has helped her gained their trust.
Office of Philip Loh.

Zoey Fu

Rep No.: FKH300206772
Chartered Financial Consultant
B. Eng (Hons)

After joining OPL as an intern while she was still an undergraduate back in 2013, Zoey made the decision to join our team full time after her graduation. With her bright and friendly personality, her clients can be assured that she will always be there for them and service them in a professional manner.
Office of Philip Loh.

Chong Wei Jian

Rep No.: CWJ300515123
Chartered Financial Consultant
B. Bus (Hons)

Wei Jian believes in educating and empowering his clients to make informed decisions for their future so that they can have a peace of mind and achieve their financial goals. He is dedicated to building meaningful long-term relationships and following his clients through their life journeys.
Office of Philip Loh.

Sharon Ong

Administraive Assistant

With over seven years of work experience in banks, Sharon brings with her the commitment to provide our clients with quality customer service and support. She also believes that every team member plays a crucial role in the overall development of the office.
Office of Philip Loh

Our expertise

One-stop Planning System

Designed to consolidate all your financial needs, this is a complete planning and support system to help you achieve your life’s goals and aspirations, providing you with better clarity and greater confidence about your financial future.

All of our systems and processes aim to protect the long-term business relationships we have built with our clients. We believe that our valued clients, who have entrusted us with their unique business and personal concerns, deserve the highest standard of service and advice.

Office of Philip Loh.


Our carefully construed money management systems address the shortcomings of many portfolio management systems on the market, helping our clients achieve potentially favourable returns within a risk-controlled environment.

Our unique investment strategies aim to help our clients capture positive returns, even in the most challenging market conditions. Our track record is attested by the support of our clients in their purchase of Investment-Linked Policies from Philip over the past two decades.

Office of Philip Loh.


Our unique estate planning model addresses the concerns of the many high net-worth individuals we advise. You can’t take your wealth with you, but you can certainly decide how it should be left behind – and we aim not only to capture the financial wealth of the individual, but also the “intellectual” wealth.

Most wealth dissipates within three generations. True wealth perpetuates if wealth is passed down successfully to future generations. Contact us on leaving behind a successful legacy today.

Office of Philip Loh.